200OK 2018 closed

Closed on Feb 5, 2018 at 05:00pm CST

About 200OK

200OK is a developer conference that focuses on the Web and related technologies.

200OK is organized and backed by the Techlahoma Foundation – a registered 501(c)3 non-profit community foundation.

200OK Website

Call for Proposals

We strongly encourage potential speakers to submit more than one submission on more than one topic. The more submissions you contribute, the more options you give us to pick you. Be sure your talk title and abstract define the exact topic you want to talk about and what you hope people will learn from the session. In previous years, some submissions sounded interesting but we just didn't have enough detail for them to make the final cut.

  • You can send as many proposals as you want - you should submit at least 2
  • Determinations will be made 2 weeks after all proposals are in and the CfP is closed
  • Full talks are 50 minutes, including and Q&A
  • Lighting talks are 5 minutes, with shared Q&A after all lightning talks

Speaker Package

We love our speakers, and aim to treat speakers as good or better than any other conference you will speak at. We are a non-profit foundation, so we can't pay a stipend, but we will cover all costs so you won't have any expenses out of pocket to speak at 200OK.

  • Airfare / Travel Expenses paid up to $800 USD (we can book this, or reimburse if you prefer to book it)
  • Hotel for 1-2 nights (whichever you prefer)
  • Ride to/from the airport or Taxi/Lyft/etc. reimbursement
  • Free Conference Ticket (right? duh.)
  • Speaker Dinner with Organizers and Volunteers


These are some example topics to get you started, but are by no means an exhaustive list of what could be presented. Get creative! We love to hear about new and different topics.

  • 3D / WebGL / VR
  • APIs
  • Art
  • Audio & Music
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Data Visualization
  • Database / Big Data
  • Dev Ops / Deployment
  • Dev Tools
  • Distributed Programming
  • ES 6+
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Functional Programming
  • Hardware / IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Development
  • Performance
  • Reactive Programming
  • Security / Privacy
  • Server-side Development
  • Testing
  • Transpiled Languages: TypeScript, CoffeeScript, etc.
  • UI/UX or design
  • Other

Selection Process

This is how we will select the proposals:

  • Talk originality - we like to mix it up with some new talks
  • Topic and content - No matter who you are, we will take into account the topic and content of your talk - so make sure to write a good abstract! :)
  • Helpfulness / Relevance - Most developers are not on the "bleeding edge" of the latest and greatest Web tech. We like talks that are very helpful and have wide appeal to our diverse audience just trying to "get stuff done" in their jobs.
  • We survey our commuity with the talk titles to gauge community interest. We do not select purely on commmunity votes, but this does inform the selection process. Make you CfP title descriptive and save creative titles for the event.

CFP Stats

80 proposals